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Dreams Macrame

Dreams Macrame

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Let your soul run like a waterfall, flowing from top to bottom. The Dreams Macramé wall tapestry, knitted, knotted and woven by skilled craftswomen, brings in a peaceful and free-flowing ambiance into your home.

Serene and non-turbulent, this macramé wall hanging tapestry resembles water flowing in all its natural glory. Hang this meditation tapestry in your peaceful meditation room and imagine meditating on a rock near a waterfall. Unveil, unravel and unwrap your soul as you stand in the presence of the delicate, but powerful macramé wall art; your energy flowing effortlessly in the harmony it creates.

Find your source of joy within and keep your Dreams close to you for serenity and support. Complementing the interior décor in any space, the Dream Macramé wall tapestry makes the silence feel whole.

  • Wall Art for Bohemian Art Lovers
  • Bohemian Style Solid Color Macramé
  • Rice-White Macramé Wall Hanging Tapestry
  • Hand-Woven Macramé
  • 100% Cotton
  • Size: 42.5” x 25.5”